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Case Study

PBS Integration Testing Streamlined by Certify

Motive Integrator Certify accelerates OEM integration projects.

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Executive Summary

In Q4 2020 Motive Retail released a new version of its proven integration certification suite, Motive Integrator Certify. PBS Systems Inc., a provider of Dealership Management software and services, has been a Motive Integrator user since 2015 and has certified over 30 projects across 7 different OEMs.

PBS Case Study

The Challenge

Integrations with OEM systems take coordination across multiple teams: product, project management, development, testing, QA, etc. Being able to intuitively find all of the technical and business process info in the specification and knowing how the team is progressing in their respective areas is critical for a seamless integration process.

The Solution

“It’s actually fun now to submit test cases,” says Tracy St. Amand, team lead at PBS, “Our developers love automated tool systems. It’s not like handing in an essay to a teacher – we get instant verification that what we’re doing is right.”

DAG Testing toolkit in Monitor
“Certify cuts down on work time between coding and testing and has increased our velocity by enabling our team to work more efficiently.”

The Results

    • 24/7 Automatic Testing – Automatic testing is neatly organized in one place. Developers can select the relevant integration from a drop down of subscribed projects, perform relevant tests, see results, and re-do them if needed. Test status is color and icon coded, all in the same list
    • Project Insights – Intuitive dashboards take the guesswork out of the process. Users and managers know exactly where they are and what needs to be done to complete the project.
    • Improved Performance – Motive Integrator’s upgraded engines deliver page loads and test evaluations faster. Built- in OS redundancies make the Suite more reliable, secure, and lead to 99%+ uptime
    • Easy Navigation – With more than 30 projects across 7 OEMs, PBS has a LOT of content on Motive Integrator. Finding what you need has been made simple by a clean, new navigation menu
    • World Class Support –Having the ability to submit questions within the Suite and get quick, accurate responses streamlines developer work and accelerates completion of projects