Motive Integrator Activate

Motive Integrator Activate

Ready to launch your integration? It's time to ensure a smooth, efficient, and compliant dealer activation process. Leverage Activate, the automated workflow tool built to manage dealer-level authorization with efficiency and compliance top of mind.

Here's a peak at how Activate streamlines your process while boosting compliance and customer satisfaction.

Activate Request Screen

>> Configurable Request Form Activate puts you in control. Define precisely what information you need from your Third-Parties. Ensure each activate request aligns with your unique compliance standards, giving you, and your dealers, confidence in every dealer's flow of data.

>> Activation Queue One view, all your activation requests. Take action on every request from one consolidated table. Use this centralized hub to reduce operational complexity and increase your team's efficiency.

>> Subscription Insights Enjoy comprehensive oversight of your entire integration program. Easily access and report on subscriptions at the dealer and service level, driving informed decisions and strategic program planning.

>> Email Automation Say goodbye to manual tracking. User activity in Activate triggers proactive alerts to keep your activations on track and your team informed.

>> User Action Auditing Transparency matters. Track every action within your integration program, enhancing data governance and maintaining accountability between partners. 

>> Trusted Approval & Conflict Detection Expedite workflows and maintain seamless operations. Define trusted partners and ensure any conflicts are promptly detected and resolved.

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