Motive Integrator Activate

Motive Integrator Activate

Activateis an automated workflow tool to streamline the dealer activation process once you’ve finished building your integration and are ready for it to start transmitting data.

Activate Request Screen

This turnkey solution centralizes management of API partner authorizations and helps reduce data risks.

>> Configurable Request FormAn API Publisher can define precisely what's needed from an API Subscriber to confidently authorize access to the relevant API

>> Activation Queue Enables API Publishers to see all activation requests in one table and their current status

>> Subscription Insights Gives API Publishers access information and reporting about your integration program including all active and inactive subscriptions at the Dealer/Site level

>> Email Automation API Publishers can automate emails based on the activity in Activate - if users need to take action they will proactively notified

>> User Action Auditing Enables API Publishers to track who is doing what in the system and when

>> Trusted Approval & Conflict Detection Allows API Publishers to define if there are partners you to move along the workflow without their involvement

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