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Customers demand an integrated experience. 

Delivering this connected experience requires seamless bidirectional data integration between the numerous systems a dealership utilizes.

The time and resources it takes to roll out data integration to 100s of various software systems is lengthy and costly. How can you reduce your time, expense, and drain on your resources?

With Motive Retail, experts in agile automotive technology data integration.

The data integration challenge
The digital revolution
The integration development traffic jam

The data integration challenge

Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and dealerships require data exchange to effectively manage their customers’ experiences.

Dealerships utilize between 10-14 different systems to manage their operations.

The data needs to connect between each of these systems and the OEMs seamlessly through bidirectional data integration.

This requires each company to develop its own custom integration to connect with each system the dealership utilizes. Additionally, the entire process (planning, development, testing, piloting, implementation) needs to be repeated for each company. 

Developing the integration strains resources (time, money, people) for both companies. With 100s of dealership software providers requiring data integration, have you calculated the effort, time, and expense required to complete these integration projects on your own?

The digital revolution

The global pandemic forced drastic changes to the automotive retail industry that OEMs, dealerships, and Dealer Service Providers (DSP) such as Dealership Management Systems (DMS), Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools and others must react quickly to adopt.

The transformation of the dealership experience with the digitalization of vehicle sales and service processes creates a need for new integration.

Integration between all these new processes, systems and apps is paramount to success and adoption.

Adoption is key to delivering the customer experience that dealerships demand for their customers.  When the new vehicle customer or service department customer report high satisfaction, everyone wins.

Attempting to integrate with each system individually will take too much time for you to see a return on investment.  Customer adoption will be hindered. That revolutionary idea to address the current customer experience challenges could potentially fail if it cannot reach as many people as possible quickly. Why take the risk?

The integration development traffic jam

With every OEM pursuing applications to address the digital revolution, this presents a challenge to quickly complete integration with every DMS (and other DSPs like CRM systems, F&I tools, and service lane solutions). With the 100s of systems out there, how is integration development prioritized at each company?

There simply isn’t enough time on each system’s development calendar to get the integration completed quickly, not only with the OEMS, but with each other.  Instead of developing custom integration between each company, why not let the experts in automotive technology data integration clear a path.

Motive Retail has the agile solutions your organization needs to complete your integration quickly.

Get out of the traffic jam and get in the fast lane with Motive Retail Data Integration Services.

Integration Solutions

certified data integration with OEMs

Motive Integrator Certify

Program governance & control for large scale API programs.

certified data integration with OEMs

Motive Integrator eXchange (MIX)

State-of-the art secure, reliable and high-performance API Gateway.

certified data integration with OEMs

Industry APIs

Implement a common set of APIs.  Integrate once; connect to many.