Business Solutions for OEM Integration Initiatives

OEMs need comprehensive integration management solutions to support the key business programs critical in automotive retail today.

While B2B System Integration is technical in nature, it’s not simply a technical matter.

Successful OEM integration programs need the support of technical experts as well as business leaders. They need strong subject matter experts and scaleable modern solutions.

This is where Motive Retail comes in.

At Motive Retail, we've been focused on modernizing the automotive retail experience through the enablement of real-time data flow between key systems in the ecosystem since 2008.  We design thoughtful, practical solutions to any manner of integration variables whether they are technical, business or even political.

Real-Time API Solutions for OEMs

Motive's approach and philosophy is grounded in practical solutions to help you deliver business results quickly. In many cases, this means re-use of readily available APIs versus starting from scratch. In today's market there is neither time nor the need for that.

MIX Industry APIs provide a single standardized connection into multiple dealer systems eliminating the need for OEMs to work with every dealer system’s unique proprietary integration methods. 

MIX's infrastructure already supports many of the industry’s leading dealer system providers used in your dealerships today with the ability to quickly add other providers and help you dramatically accelerate your time-to-market.

Real-Time Service Scheduler Integration

Create a seamless experience for customers scheduling online service appointments.

Motive Retail provides a flexible API solution to seamlessly connect the OEM's Digital Service Scheduler (DSS) with core dealer systems for real-time online service appointment booking by consumers.

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Real-Time Parts eCommerce Integration

Increase sales of OEM parts in the independent repair market with real-time Parts eCommerce Integration.

Motive Retail has developed a use-case driven integration solution to support the OEM business process that can be offered to SMS providers.

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Real-Time DMS Integration

OEMs need real-time data from the DMS to support their new business processes. As a result, integration patterns are more complex and sophisticated than ever before.

At Motive Retail we enable our OEM partners to get more systems integrated faster by using our MIX Industry APIs, together with the resources and support they need to get the job done right.

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Custom Integration Solutions

Technical Debt is everywhere and the pace of technical change shows no signs of slowing.

In B2B System Integration you can’t control both sides. Any changes you want to make to an established integration will have a knock-on effect on your integrated business partners. So, how do you upgrade core integration technologies to avoid obsolescence and support problems when it’s not just up to you?

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MIX and Match Solutions

OEMs need a way to accelerate their programs while simultaneously ensuring regulatory compliance, security, governance and quality.

Motive Retail helps OEMs move to modern data integrations by unifying their silos and processes, automating repetitive work, and driving accountability through continuous visibility in our Motive Integrator Suite.

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Certification Solutions

API Certification is the answer for OEM integrations where standardized APIs just won’t work and proprietary API integration is needed.

Motive Retail offers a proven, scalable approach to support those OEM programs where proprietary APIs are required.

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Dealer Authorization Solutions

Data transactions need to be both authenticated at the API and authorized by the Dealer.

Motive Retail helps ensure that your partners are doing the right thing at the right time, so that only the data that should be shared is being shared.

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