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Publishing APIs

To drive interoperability between systems in automotive retail, as an industry we need to move toward common, standardized JSON/RESTful APIs that work across OEM and DSP API Publishers.

The approach towards system integration within automotive retail largely consists of parties integrating with each other’s proprietary APIs. Even if you’re the system of record and others are integrating to your APIs, this process is still hugely time-consuming, taxing on internal resources and ultimately pulls focus from your company's projects and innovations.

The Challenge

Companies who independently publish their APIs must shoulder the burden of managing multiple implementations and code bases which can often lead to increased production problems down the line.

While your dealers likely consider the integration between your system and their other systems a must have, the internal teams that power and support these programs are expensive. They require deep knowledge and experience with processes to maintain governance.

Perpetual system enhancements will inevitably be needed across your integration networks that require continuous management, monitoring and upgrades to your implementations to stay compliant which introduces unwelcome overhead.

B2B Integration

Bottom line – getting scale in your API programs as an independent Publisher can be difficult, slow and expensive. At the same time legislation and other market pressures are putting more demand on vendors to support open integration while on the other hand limiting your ability to run these programs as a profit center. Sounds like a text book case for outsourcing.

Motive Retail supports API Publishers by meeting them where they're at and offloading the need for modern API tools and support. In turn, we make it easier for all other 3rd parties to integrate with you without the burden of investing in large teams and infrastructure.

The Solution

Motive's MIX API platform offers a ready-built infrastructure with the expert support needed to manage your APIs.

Publishers can be confident integration to their systems are secure, resilient, and reliable with MIX's monitoring, auditing, and reporting features that help users understand how their APIs are being used.

Our ongoing operational support team is here to help maintain the health of your integrations through upgrades and system enhancements.

Partnering with Motive enables you to provide integration to any new system needed by your dealers at any time, without support or involvement of your team. Presenting an open integration position to the market without the associated costs is a win win.

Get In the MIX

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Key Benefits

  • Maintain Focus on Key Revenue Generating Initiatives
  • Reduced Operational Costs & Resource
  • Support Integration with Any System your Dealers Need
  • Leverage Pre-Built Tools for Compliance & Data Security

About MIX

MIX Industry APIs provide a single standardized connection into multiple dealer systems eliminating the need for 3rd parties to work with every dealer system’s unique proprietary integration methods. 

MIX's infrastructure already supports many of the industry’s leading dealer system providers used in your dealerships today with the ability to quickly add other providers and help you dramatically accelerate your time-to-market.