API Solutions


API Certification is the answer for OEM integrations where standardized APIs just won’t work and proprietary API integration is needed. OEM proprietary APIs require that third party dealer systems undergo a rigorous certification process before allowing them to connect with their systems to ensure the data being transmitted is secure and accurate.

The Challenge

Proprietary integration can be cumbersome because it requires collaboration between many parties all with different needs and priorities.

The certification process consists of extensive testing which is often error-prone and inefficient when managed internally due to a lack of supporting processes and tools. 

Clear API specifications are also often under-estimated and can lead to significant back-and-forth which can slow down implementation or even make it come to a screeching halt while stakeholders get in alignment.

Proprietary Integration

Motive Retail offers a proven, scalable approach to support those OEM programs where proprietary APIs are required.

The Solution

Motive's Certify platform combines our certification and program management software to give OEMs a complete integration program management solution.

Certify offers best-in-class services to support everything from: 

  • API Design
  • Program Management
  • Certification
  • Testing
  • Specifications
  • Rollout
  • Compliance Management
  • Operational Support
B2B Integration

Key Benefits

  • Scalable Solution for DSP Integration Support
  • Accelerates Time to Market for New APIs 
  • More Time to Focus on Business Results
  • Ensures Accurate Real-Time Data

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About Certify

Certify is a proprietary API onboarding system that streamlines the certification process with tailored integration testing to help API Subscribers develop to the API Publisher's specifications more efficiently.

Our integration support experts ensure that connecting all partners understand the expectations and requirements set by the OEM and provides a testing toolkit to help them build a solid, certified integration.