API Solutions

Service Scheduler Integration

Create a seamless experience for customers scheduling online service appointments.

The average car owner schedules a service appointment 1-2 times per year. And while both dealers and OEMs may prefer to see them schedule service with their local franchise dealer, there are many service options available to car owners.

To ensure customer retention in the service lane and provide a more seamless customer experience, it's important for OEMs to enable consumers to quickly create service appointments with their dealer of choice.

The Challenge

Your OEM systems and processes need to communicate bi-directionally with dealer systems to accurately post service appointment availability for customers and ensure every scheduled appointment is tracked in the dealers systems.

Achieving a seamless online service scheduling experience requires automakers to integrate with multiple dealer systems because every dealership uses a variety of systems to manage their business operations.

Online Service Booking

The Solution

Motive Retail provides a flexible API solution to seamlessly connect the OEM's digital service scheduling systems with core dealer systems for real-time online service appointment booking by consumers.

OEM Service Scheduler Integration uses Motive's MIX API platform and STAR-based, JSON/RESTful industry APIs to ensure that you and your Dealers are tightly coordinated to give your customers the smoothest service experience possible.

MIX Service Scheduler APIs enable real-time access to dealers systems needed to:

  • Determine a Dealer’s Service Availability
  • Prepare the Service Appointment
  • Post the Appointment in the Dealer System
  • Confirmation of Service Appointment Arrival
Service Scheduler Integration Satisfaction

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Key Benefits

  • Easier Service Appointment Booking for Customers
  • More Precise Internal Service Appointment Tracking
  • Simple Implementation & Operational Process
  • Faster Time to Market

About MIX

MIX Industry APIs provide a single standardized connection into multiple dealer systems eliminating the need for OEMs to work with every dealer system’s unique proprietary integration methods.

MIX's infrastructure already supports many of the industry’s leading dealer system providers used in your dealerships today with the ability to quickly add other providers and help you dramatically accelerate your time-to-market.