The Challenges Our API Solutions Solve

The Data Integration Challenge

The automotive retail ecosystem requires a free-flowing exchange of data to effectively manage customer experiences and new business models.

For the dynamic and expansive automotive retail solutions market to deliver on its promises it needs to be able to move data seamlessly through connected systems. 

Building and managing “one-off” APIs across the ecosystem or supporting your own integration solutions is expensive  and inefficient for all parties involved.


The Digital Revolution

Consumers are increasingly dictating how they manage purchasing and servicing their vehicles using a multi-channel process from online to in-store. 

The digitization of vehicle sales and service processes is transforming the industry and creating the need for new system integrations between OEMs, Dealers, DMS and specialized DSPs like CRMs, F&I tools, and Service Lane solutions to deliver the connected experience customers demand.

Point-to-point integration across all parties stifles innovation, slows progress and is a risky proposition in today’s fast changing market.

The Integration Traffic Jam 

Innovation has created a traffic jam for integration. Integration of systems on a real-time basis to support new business processes is strategic, it's not just “an IT thing.”

If you’re trying to tackle this alone, be prepared for delays in a world where you’re not re-using what’s available and what works.


Why Motive Retail

Motive Retail offers a robust set of solutions to solve the business problems of the modern automotive retail market where real-time data exchange between systems is now an imperative.

Re-use vs re-invent. Leverage our STAR-based standardized API solutions to streamline and simplify real-time system connectivity.

Since 2008, we’ve focused on delivering practical, cost-effective solutions to help our customers succeed, and we’re just getting started.