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Custom Integration Solutions

Technical Debt is everywhere and the pace of technical change shows no signs of slowing.

In B2B System Integration you can’t control both sides of the process. Any changes you want to make to an established integration will have a knock-on effect on your integrated business partners. So, how do you upgrade core integration technologies to avoid obsolescence and support problems when it’s not just up to you?

The Challenge

As an OEM you need to do a technical refresh and upgrade your proprietary integrations which have already been implemented by your DMS or other dealer system partners.

To accomplish this it will require all DMS to rebuild new, functionally equivalent APIs before you can fully migrate off the legacy environment and APIs.

B2B System Integration

Motive Retail offers custom integration solutions that are tactical and practical to help solve challenges that arise during technical refresh transitions and migrations.

The Solution

Motive's MIX API platform can route legacy integrations to new APIs, transforming them to meet your new OEM requirements while eliminating the need for the DMS to build new APIs in parallel with your OEM project timeline.

This temporary workaround reduces dependency on the DMS without slowing down your internal technology adoption / migration. The DMS can schedule new development based on their roadmap availability without risk to dealers or impact to your technology projects.

Custom Integration

Key Benefits

  • Reduced Dependency on DMS
  • Flexible Solution to Meet Project Timelines
  • Easier Technical Migration Process
  • Faster Adoption of Upgraded Technology

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About MIX

MIX Industry APIs are STAR-based JSON/RESTful APIs that provide standardized connection into multiple dealer systems eliminating the need for OEMs to work with every dealer system’s unique proprietary integration methods. 

MIX's infrastructure already supports many of the industry’s leading dealer system providers used in your dealerships today with the ability to quickly add other providers and help you dramatically accelerate your time-to-market.