Motive Integrator Certify

Motive Integrator Certify

Certify is a proprietary API onboarding system that streamlines the certification process with tailored integration testing to help dealer systems develop to the API's unique specifications more efficiently.

Certify Dashboard

>> Onboard Publisher SpecificationsThe API Publisher's provides integration specifications that API Subscribers can access anytime any time within the Certify platform

>> Certify Testing Toolkit Guides API Subscribers through a multi-phase testing process with a series of practice and certification test cases for developers to execute against available 24/7/365

>> Project Management Tools API Publishers can manage your integration projects to ensure timely delivery by your Certified API Subscribers

  • % Overall Project Completion
  • Program Health: Pass / Fail / Staleness / Activity
  • Project Status
  • Monitor Test Activity

>> Unlimited Integration Support Our integration experts are here to support you every step of the way, acting as the interface between 3rd Party Dealer Systems and the DMS

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