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Compliant Dealer Data Sharing

Ensure data transactions are both authenticated at the API and authorized by the Dealer.

The Challenge

Vendors are being held accountable for how they safeguard dealer data. NADA will be demanding that their dealers' data is being shared in a compliant way.

Today's API data authorization processes are often manual, chaotic, and error-prone; and many out-of-the-box solutions are unable to support multi-tier authorization.

Unauthorized access to customer data is costly, and could critically impact your bottom line. Ensuring that dealer data is being shared in a compliant manner is essential.

To be compliant with the Safeguards revisions, state dealer privacy laws, and consumer privacy laws, all companies that are sharing dealer data must follow a compliant authorization process. This means companies must:

  1. Obtain express written consent for data sharing from the dealer’s CISO.
  2. Record a standard, transparent audit of the dealer’s approval, which includes being able to demonstrate:
    • when the authorization was granted
    • who granted the authorization
    • what data is permitted to be shared
    • who the data is permitted to be shared with.
  3. For every request or API call, ensure that the dealer’s authorization to share their data has not been revoked.
  4. Give the dealer’s CISO a transparent, standard way to view what data is being shared with which vendors in order to perform accurate data and system inventories.
  5. Give the dealer’s CISO a standard mechanism to immediately stop the flow of some or all data to one or more vendors.
  6. Ensure that they are respecting dealer customers' data privacy rights by verifying that every API transaction that shares customer information is authorized by the customer


Back and Forth Emailing

Motive Retail helps ensure that you are only sharing the dealer data that is authorized by both the dealer and the customer.

The Solution

Activate is the premiere tool for automating your API activation and authorization processes.

Get your dealer integrations up and running fast when you take the authorization process from multiple manual touches to fully digital. 

  • Configurable Request Form
  • Activation Request Auditing
  • Automated Notifications
  • API Subscription Reporting
  • Real-Time Request Authorization at the Dealer and Service level
  • Manage Integration Conflicts
Automated Dealer Authorization

Key Benefits

  • Gain Control, Transparency and Compliance 
  • Turn Data Flows On or Off Quickly
  • Accelerate API Adoption
  • Expert Support & Resources

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About Activate

Use Activate to streamline the dealer activation process once you’ve finished building your integration and are ready for it to start transmitting data.

This turnkey solution centralizes API partner management to ensure that every data transaction is both authenticated by the API Subscriber and authorized by the Dealer.