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If you are integrating with an OEM or other system then expect to undergo a rigorous certification process to ensure correct implementation. It’s simply good business practice to fully test and certify that the data being transmitted is secure and accurate.

The Challenge

DMS and other systems must integrate with OEM APIs to support their dealers and grow their businesses. Being able to do so quickly and efficiently means that requirements and detailed specifications must be accurate, clear and complete.

Testing tools and a sandbox are essential during development phases. Support when questions arise or clarification is needed must be available quickly for all teams no matter their location. And the overall certification process must be clear and avoid unnecessary steps that cost you time and money.

Being able to move quickly through implementation and certification is a vital requirement to stay competitive in the modern automotive digital space.

Dealer System Integration
Motive Retail offers a proven, scalable approach to support DSP Certification where proprietary APIs are required.

The Solution

Certify is an interface onboarding system that ensures the success of all parties involved through the creation of customized integration testing that helps connecting systems develop to proprietary API specifications efficiently.

DSPs are guided through a multi-phase testing process with a series of practice and certification test cases to execute in a test driven development approach.

Online support and technical assistance to DSPs and offers visibility into projects and programs across OEMs and other publishers.

Dealer System Certification

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Key Benefits

  • Projects are easier with clear, transparent business and technical requirements
  • Testing Support available online 24/7 to avoid delays
  • Accelerates DSP development time and keeps projects on schedule
  • Unlimited Integration Support, 24/7 for teams everywhere

About Certify

Certify is a proprietary API onboarding system that streamlines the certification process with tailored integration testing to help API Subscribers develop to the API Publisher's specifications more efficiently.

Our integration support experts ensure that connecting all partners understand the expectations and requirements set by the API Publisher and provides a testing toolkit to help them build a solid, certified integration.