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Real-Time DMS Integration

Building seemingly endless integrations to proprietary APIs is expensive, complicated, slow, and frustrating.

Real-Time DMS Integration is in high demand, but managing multiple direct integration partners and building for one-off use cases isn't scalable. As the industry moves faster and faster to innovate with new systems, solutions and digital processes, the need for real-time integration with core operational systems used by dealers is simply table stakes. Yesterdays’ data is a day late.

The Challenge

The DMS remains a core system driving demand for integration from all types of software and services companies.

Yet while every DMS has APIs available, they vary significantly. Everything from the data supported and formats, technical, business rules and authentication. Nothing is standardized, meaning unique implementations are required to support each DMS’ proprietary APIs.

This has knock on effects far beyond the initial development and requires ongoing management of a complex web of connections.

Custom Integration
At Motive Retail we’ve approached the DMS space with a mindset of re-use and standardization.

The Solution

Motive's MIX API platform uses standardized STAR-based, JSON/RESTful industry APIs that abstract differences across DMS APIs for implementation by 3rd party dealer systems.

MIX’s ready-built infrastructure and expert integration support gives you everything you need to manage your integrations, relieving the burden of investing in large teams and tools.

  • Bi-Directional Industry API’s
  • Real-Time API Connectivity
  • 24/7/365 Certification Testing
  • Secure Data Transmission
  • Streamlined Dealer Activations
  • Operational Support
  • Online Transaction Monitoring
Get In the MIX

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Key Benefits

  • “One to Many” Connectivity
  • Single Partner for End-to-End Support
  • Dealer Data Compliance Ensured
  • Quickly Expands Addressable Market

About MIX

MIX Industry APIs provide a single standardized connection into multiple dealer systems eliminating the need for 3rd parties to work with every dealer system’s unique proprietary integration methods. 

MIX's infrastructure already supports many of the industry’s leading dealer system providers used in your dealerships today with the ability to quickly add other providers and help you dramatically accelerate your time-to-market.