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Case Study

Jaguar Land Rover Integration Time with DMS Reduced by 90%

Motive Retail supercharges JLR North America's integration program.

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Executive Summary

Jaguar Land Rover North America (JLRNA) contracted with Motive Retail to expand their Dealer Management System (DMS) integration program. Using the tools and processes within the Motive Integrator platform, DMS integration was simplified and accelerated. As a result, PBS Aristogold and Auto/Mate AMPS were certified for production integration within 6 months.

JLR OEM Data Integration Case Study
99% Error Free

In JLRNA QA environment after DMS testing in Motive Integrator.

10X Faster

DMSs using Motive Integrator were able to complete integration projects 10x faster than the previous method.

The Challenge

JLRNA wanted to expand their Dealer Connect Services (DCS) integration program with select new DMSs. This integration enables the dealer to submit stock parts orders, part returns, warranty claims, and financial statements to JLRNA using their DMS. The DMS must also be able to receive a warranty control file from JLRNA which includes code lists the dealer will need to successfully send warranty claims.

These integrations are valuable for both JLRNA and dealers, however, as is usually the case, the complex nature often leads to implementation delays resulting from overly complex documentation, misguided development, and lack of testing. JLRNA’s standard integration process was time consuming and resource intensive; in one instance it took 5 years to get a DMS up and running in production. They needed a way to expand their program as efficiently as possible.

The Solution

JLRNA contracted with Motive Retail to leverage our best practices, subject matter expertise, and our integration automation platform, Motive Integrator.

Following a swift onboard, Motive Integrator accelerated DMS integration to JLRNA with a range of tools including interactive data requirements, file evaluators providing field-level message assessment, and a simulation test environment enabling the DMS to connect and receive success/error responses. The automated tools and 24/7 platform availability substantially decrease impediments to DMS development. 

Also, within Motive Integrator, a robust integration certification testing suite was implemented, consisting of 2 phases prior to production deploy. The multi-phased approach identifies the majority of issues using automated testing in the simulation environment before connecting to the JLRNA QA environment and encumbering IT integration resources within JLRNA. DMS completion of testing verifies the system meets requirements, and provides confidence in data accuracy prior to the production deploy.

DMS Integration
“Motive Retail helped Jaguar Land Rover onboard new DSP partners for four distinct interface integrations. I couldn't have been more satisfied with what we got from Motive. the common perspective in the industry is that [integration services] don't directly sell cars or move parts, but it's hard to argue against taking a complicated landscape and simplifying it to get vendors up and live in six (6) months compared to the five (5) years it took us without Motive. the value add is immeasurable."

The Results

During onboarding, the Motive Retail team identified several discrepancies between the JLRNA requirements documentation and the actual system integration. These were easily reconciled, resulting in clearer requirements published on the Motive Integrator platform for participating DMS vendors.

The automated developer tools, which provide instant feedback 24/7, were used hundreds of times. Only one (1) minor error was found during testing within the JLRNA QA environment; dramatically reducing JLRNA’s effort to assist and troubleshoot. Even though much of the testing was automated and JLRNA could remain hands off, their team was always kept up to date thanks to the Project Management tools in Motive Integrator and dedicated Motive Retail support staff.

Motive Integrator, our retail integration automation platform, provides all of the apps necessary to test, certify, and roll-out interfaces and works with any system. This gives you the fastest possible time to market…guaranteed.