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Case Study

BRP Raises the Bar on Retail Network Data

BRPs Dealer Connect Program helps drive business intelligence and optimize process for BRP and dealers.

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Executive Summary

Bombardier Recreational Products (BRP) contracted with Motive Retail to expand their Dealer Management System (DMS) integration program. Using experience-based expertise from thousands of DMS-to-OEM integration projects and proven certification testing system, Certify, Motive Retail stepped in and helped BRP establish a robust certification process that provides all parties with an efficient transparent way of managing the DSP certification process.

BRP Case Study

The Challenge

BRP understands that the dealer knows best how to manage their dealership’s business operations, which includes selecting the most suitable dealer management system (DMS) to oversee those activities. However, for data to flow seamlessly and accurately across the automotive retail network, the various systems they choose to manage their dealership with must adhere to a common set of data exchange protocols – this includes technical, business and communication standards.

A decade ago, exchanging data with BRP was largely done through BRP web interfaces that the dealer staff accessed outside of their core DMS. This meant that monthly reports and data for KPI measurements and incentive payouts were sent over through unoptimized and less secure means such as, email and FTP transfer. These divergent processes and multiple user interfaces (UIs) left both parties open to the risks like incomplete data or mistakes.

BRP became aware that there was a subset of non-BRP certified systems being used by its dealer network. Over the past 12 months, BRP took action to build relationships with each of these systems, by inviting them to certify their applications to integrate with BRP. For BRP, providing their dealers with a choice is an important value that they work hard to keep top of mind. The influx of new system relationships added an additional 10 DSPs to the BRP Network, and with that bolstered the need for an efficient streamlined certification process.

The Solution

BRP knew there was a better way to handle the certification process. They with engaged Motive Retail for help – the automotive industry’s leading experts in B2B systems integration. Using their expertise from thousands of DMS-to-OEM integration projects and their proven certification automation system Certify – Motive Retail stepped in to help BRP establish a robust certification process that provides all parties an efficient transparent way of managing the DSP certification process.

DAG project dashboard in Monitor
Working with Motive Retail has been a game changer over the years. Without their robust system, Certify, BRP would have spent a lot of time to keep up with the demand of dealer system certification. The Motive Team is sensible to our reality and has the expertise and ideas to help us reach our objectives. Looking forward to continuing this collaboration!”

The Results

Each of the BRP API Integrations are hosted on Motive Integrator’s automated integration platform Certify, which provides DSPs with a consistent way to access and implement integrations. Certify helps provide precise integration with:

    • 24/7 Automatic Testing – 24/7 access to testing tools and support
    • Round Trip Testing & Real-Time Feedback – Unit and round trip testing and development feedback
    • Dashboards and Reporting – Project management dashboards and reporting so all parties can track project status at any point
    • Real-Time Access – Parts APIs enable real-time access to master data, OEM, and other dealer inventory, and ability to place, and alter orders, and check order status
    • Actionable Insights – Retail data from dealers is aggregated and analyzed to give dealers actionable insights to make stores more profitable
    • Quick Leads Follow Up – Leads generated on BRP’s brand sites are sent directly to dealers’ CRM or LMS systems for quick follow up and better management of dealer incentive programs

Developers have 24/7 access to testing, and can submit unlimited “practice” unit, or full use case test. Managers can log in to the Testing Toolkit and easily see what tests have been performed, what’s failing, what’s passing, and what’s left to complete the certification process.