Case Studies


Emilia Clarke
Zach Dunham
VP Sales, AIB
"Having several DMS integrations on one integration platform frees up a lot of time for AIB to deliver new applications on our roadmap; and the ease of connecting to new DMS in the MIX network allows us close deals faster and to potentially expand our footprint to new dealers and states.”
Emilia Clarke
Bob Davies
Silver Star Motors
“Silver Star Motors, Mercedes-Benz Bulgaria, used Motive Integrator for the implementation of the Spare Parts Management interface. This made the creation of the new interface much easier and we went live on time.”
Robin Gilmore
Strategic Partners Product Manager, Karmak, Inc.
“Motive Retail played a key part in our DMS testing and certification. They have efficient, well documented process flows along with examples and product specifications available for easy access on their portal. The employees offer excellent support and were an absolute pleasure to work with on our project. I look forward to working with Motive Retail again in the future.”
James Melough
New Product Development, Reynolds & Reynolds Limited (UK)
“Thanks to the Motive Retail team for your quick, friendly, and helpful responses to our queries. I know that it must have been a busy time for you guys with the Ford XFI integration rollout; however, the support process was excellent throughout.”
Doug Thompson
Vice President, Fixed Performance: Margin Plus
“Motive Integrator Exchange (MIX) provided a straightforward endpoint to integrate our application with multiple Dealer Management Systems using a single interface. Certification with individual DMS’s APIs takes time and to only have to do it once with Motive was a great boost in efficiency. Our integration coordinator, Dale, was responsive to our needs and helped guide us through the certification process and into production interacting with our client’s systems.”
Saphura Long
CEO/President, Gratis Solutions
“ We strongly recommend companies interested in interfacing with other DMS systems to communicate with Motive as they might be able to pave the way for a great experience for both the dealer and vendor.”