Why Motive is MIXing it Up

Why Motive is MIXing it Up

Because automotive retail in 2020 runs on data.

Because our industry needs digital retailing…now – and digital retailing requires the vehicle inventory, customer information, manufacturer incentives, trade-in valuation, lender terms, F&I products, etc. to come together in real-time.

Because the connected vehicle needs to be connected – to the OEM and to the dealer.  Service appointments need to be made and repair orders need more than “Customer states…” they now need “Vehicle states…”

Because mobility solutions need data mobility – to verify availability, reserve vehicles, transfer payments, manage loyalty programs, etc.

Because data security and consent management are required by law.

Because the industry needs more innovative software at the point-of-sale/point-of-service – the adoption of great new software products shouldn’t be constrained by point-to-point, proprietary integrations.

Because the DMS is no longer the DMS – the average dealership now requires more than 6 different software systems to run its business.  In many cases the DMS is no longer the system of record for key data such as customers, deals and service records.  The data must flow from the system that originates it, to the systems that need it.

Because industry data standards alone haven’t solved the problem – we have had auto retail data standards a long time now but it’s still too costly, time-consuming and difficult to integrate systems.

Because yesterday’s data is a day late – automotive retail occurs in real-time today and the data that supports it must be real-time too.

Because hostile integration is hostile – things go wrong, connections fail, data gets corrupted; troubleshooting and fixing problems requires cooperation.

Because customers don’t distinguish between the dealer, the OEM, the lender, the third-party administrator, etc  –  they expect them and their systems to work together seamlessly.

Because Motive understands the automotive retail data integration problem and knows how to solve it.  Motive has spent the past twelve years integrating all kinds of data between all kinds of systems, all over the world.  We know what we’re doing.  Motive Integrator eXchange provides a growing set of comprehensive standardized APIs that enable the real-time, bi-directional movement of data between the systems that have the data and the systems that need the data. If your system needs data or has data to share, it’s time to get in the MIX!

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