Transformation – A Look Back at 2020

Transformation – A Look Back at 2020

Looking back on 2020 – we can’t think of a more transformative year. Not only for Motive Retail but for the industry at large. At Motive, we made major strides and made major investments in our product offerings; rewriting our flagship product, and investing in the future of data integration via MIX (#getinthemix!).

While external forces made what we were planning to do all that more important, unease made some organizations contract to protect. For us, it was a call to action and an affirmation of our purpose.

Foot. On. The. Gas pedal.

The world, our industry, needs to get faster, more connected, and more customer-centric.

Building Product can be a heartbreaking venture – you have to be ready to let go of the things you love to make way for new things that will serve you better; like enhancing our MIX APIs to enable businesses to truly leverage Digital Retailing and giving customers a better, more connected experience. Like making our Developer tools in Certify easier to use and decreasing the time it takes for those Certifications to start enabling high quality data integrations across the automotive ecosystem. This all comes at the cost of change. Being intentional about how we work and what we really need forces introspective conversations that are challenging. Where can we invest our time to have the greatest impact on the world around us?

We commit to continue to innovate and drive modern changes in the industry. We commit to listening to you. And we commit to helping you provide an exceptional customer experience. We’ve innovated, we’ve matured, and we’re ready for what comes next. We can’t wait to see you on the other side!