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Motive Retail is Disrupting Automotive Retail Integrations

Motive Retail is Disrupting Automotive Retail Integration

Motive’s Standardized APIs simplify, secure and improve integrations

August 11, 2020 02:26 PM Eastern Daylight Time

LOUISVILLE, Colo.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Motive Retail, the automotive retail industry’s B2B integration leader, introduces Motive Integrator eXchange (MIX), a set of standardized APIs that revolutionizes the way automotive retail companies integrate systems and data. Now, via a single integration to MIX secure APIs, companies can send and retrieve authorized data from multiple DMS in real-time, and manage their data transactions from one central place. Since its release late last year, more than 35 companies have integrated to MIX APIs, connecting to Autosoft’s current and their upcoming Go platform, Auto/Mate® by Dealersocket, Dominion Vue®, PBS Systems DMS, Quorum XSellerator™, and DealerStar DMS; serving collectively over 5,500 dealers. As the MIX network continues to grow, companies can seamlessly plug into new systems with low, to no, incremental development effort.

“We don’t sell software or services to dealers, so we don’t compete with either data providers or data consumers. Instead, we focus all of our energy on things like performance, reliability, security and support.” Tweet this

“Digital retailing, connected car and mobility solutions are fundamentally changing automotive retail. They require ubiquitous, secure, reliable, real-time, bi-directional integration for the systems at the point of sale,” said Kim Campassi, Co-Founder of Motive Retail. “We built MIX because the industry lacked the integration infrastructure required to support the shift. We’ve leveraged our experience to deliver a collection of APIs that act as a single hub to securely transact data across multiple authorized parties.”

“Motive’s position as a neutral automotive retail data integrator uniquely qualifies us to operate an industry-wide, standardized API platform,” said Campassi. “We don’t sell software or services to dealers, so we don’t compete with either data providers or data consumers. Instead, we focus all of our energy on things like performance, reliability, security and support.”

“We have integrated with several DMS platforms over the years. Each time we set up a new integration it was back to square one for design, development, and testing as each DMS had its own unique API designs, different data structures, and development kits. This resulted in long implementation cycles.” said Bryon Tierney from ARSLoaner. “The MIX APIs however, are a game changer and the clear and easy process for implementation simplifies everything. When we integrate to additional DMS platforms, the incremental development effort is minuscule compared to what it used to be.”

MIX presents a set of secure, reliable, “one-to-many” data transaction APIs for automotive retail software and service companies. It is unlike other industry API platforms that provide data extracts from a single DMS or proprietary API hosting services. For DMS providers, partner onboarding, release management and production data exchange monitoring are greatly simplified through one streamlined partner. There are MIX APIs for all common automotive retail datasets including repair order, parts inventory, customer, deal, vehicle inventory, and more. Motive Retail does not store or use data exchanged, and its systems and processes are SOC2 compliant.

“Dealers are continuing the shift to digital retailing and working remotely so that has accelerated our need to fully automate our solutions, and getting real-time data from the DMS is critical to our value proposition,” said Marissa Chaney, COO at Scan123. “Not only did we upgrade our integrations to real-time via MIX, but we were able to gain multiple DMS integrations with a much faster, simpler development effort, which allows our IT team to focus on growing our own technology to meet the needs of the evolving market and grow our business.”

For more information on the growing list of MIX APIs, the MIX network, or how to integrate, visit, follow Motive Retail on LinkedIn, or call 720.835.2704.

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Motive Retail is helping to modernize automotive retail by enabling the free-flow of data between systems and applications serving the dealer. Its integration certification platform and standardized API exchange solutions simplify and expedite the integration process and improve the quality of data across integrations between global manufacturers, and value-added software and service providers. Motive Integrator gives its clients the fastest ability to integrate “any system, anytime, anywhere.” For more information visit,


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