MIX is not Fortellis

MIX is not Fortellis

We’ve heard suggestions that Motive Integrator eXchange (MIX) must somehow be a competitor to CDK’s Fortellis.  Although there are similarities – both are API platforms  – Motive’s purpose in creating MIX is fundamentally different.  Our intent is to standardize retail integration across the full spectrum of systems that collectively make auto retail work.  While Fortellis provides proprietary APIs, MIX provides industry APIs that work with many dealer systems and OEMs.

It’s all about the APIs.  Though both MIX and Fortellis host APIs, Fortellis’ proprietary APIs are mostly about exchanging data with the CDK Drive DMS.  MIX APIs are about exchanging data with many different API publishers – both DMS and OEMs.  MIX solves a basic, growing problem – the need for third-party developers in auto retail to develop and maintain integrations with a shifting landscape of DMS and CRM providers, OEMs and other industry participants.  It’s not that there aren’t proprietary APIs available to exchange data with these systems – it’s simply too costly and time-consuming to maintain working integration with so many different, proprietary APIs.  Often this problem forces vendors and service providers to choose between bad options – either developing/supporting more and more proprietary APIs or giving up on selling to the dealers using those systems.  MIX’s industry APIs eliminate the complexity and variability of supporting so many proprietary APIs.

We are encouraged by CDK’s progress moving its DMS data access from the 3PA program to Fortellis – Fortellis is much better technology and may be a lower cost alternative to the 3PA Program for CDK Drive integration.  We hope to see all 3PA data available on Fortellis.  In fact, if CDK allows us, we will add Fortellis’ Drive APIs to MIX so our subscribers can access even more DMS data through our industry APIs.

If you are looking for access to CDK data only, you should give Fortellis a look – it may have the data you want.  But if you want to plug into the broader industry and all of its data, MIX is the fastest and easiest way to go.  Get in the MIX!