A Love Letter to APIs

A Love Letter to APIs

There is one thing, we here at Motive can unequivocally, unabashedly, and without immutability, agree on.

(Don’t get me started on football – Steelers, Broncos, or Cowboys oh my!!).

We love APIs.

If we think about what an API is, at the heart of it all, is an entry point. Like an open heart.  So, this, our dear friends, in honor of Valentine’s Day, is a love letter to APIs.

You are so open. I know exactly what to expect from a relationship with you. You tell me exactly how to bring out the best in myself.

You help me connect in just the way I need to. Precisely, targeting the inputs and outputs I need to feel whole.

When things get rocky, you tell me! You help me understand how I can be better and if either or both of us need to make adjustments.

Alas, to devote my heart and loyalty to just one of you!  No jealousy, no dividing time, no having to remember who likes chocolates and who likes roses.  If only there were a way to love and connect with every single one of you.

Your faithful admirers,

Motive Retail